mercredi 3 août 2011


bebe daniels portrait
Bebe Daniels (via : Mothic flights and flutterings)

brbara stanwyck portrait
Barbara Stanwyck (via : Valentino vamp)

dorothy devore portrait
Dorothy Devore (via : Valentino vamp)

grace darmond portrait
Grace Darmond (via : Pop culture)

hope hampton portrait
Hope Hampton (via : Mothic flights and flutterings)

jetta goudal portrait
Jetta Goudal (via : Valentino vamp)

kathryn perry portrait
Kathryn Perry (via : Valentino vamp)

lilian gish portrait
Lilian Gish (via : Valentino vamp)

louise brooks portrait
Louise Brooks (via : the magic lantern)

madge bellamy portrait
Madge Bellamy (via : Valentino vamp)

mary duncan portrait
Mary Duncan (via : Valentino vamp)

mary philbin portrait
Mary Philbin (via : Mothic flights and flutterings)

merle oberon portrait
Merle Oberon (via : Valentino vamp)

myrna loy portrait
Myrna Loy (via : Valentino vamp)

nancy carroll portrait
Nancy Carroll par Eugene R. Richee (via : imdb)

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